Restaurant in Falasarna with

Authentic tastes

“Alikia” (‘aleekiá) restaurant in Falasarna with fresh ingredients next to the sea. In a place with wonderful view, in “Rapanas”, we are waiting for you to treat you authentic and worderful tastes!

What does "Alikia" mean?

Alikia or Aliki is the place of production of salt, where from ancient times its use played a primary role in nutrition and gastronomy and the preservation of some products.

Alikia > alas (salt): that is, the result of the evaporation of seawater from the effect of the sun and the air on the cavities of the coastal rocks.

From there, people collected the salt, the Alpha and the Omega of taste!


The restaurant in Falasarna

The name “Alikia” came from the salt pans which are located a few metes from the restaurant, where many villagers collect salt for their houses. So, having in mind the value of salt, the taste, the sea breeze and the location’s aura, we gave the name “Alikia” to our restaurant. A hidden treasure of tastes in Falasarna, next to the beach, where you can enjoy fresh ingredients cooked with love!

Our ingredients

The most important thing for us is to use fresh and organic ingredients in all our courses, in order to be able to guarantee you, not only the excelent taste but also the high nutrition value!

Vegan options

Our menu is vegan friendly and you can find many delicious options with pure and fresh ingredients, ideal for vegetarians & vegans.

Only fresh, not frozen

We always prefer the value of the fresh product. The only frozen products we use are our Sfakian pies and kaltsounakia.

Gluten free options

Our cold cuts and many other dishes do not contain gluten, so your taste choices are not limited!

As for the dishes on our menu that contain fish, they may differ every day, as it depends on the fish we will find fresh because we use only fresh fish.
Whatever the sea gives us every day, we cook it for you!


The restaurant in Falasarna is located in the area of ​​Rapanas The landscape is completely picturesque, especially during the sunset, when the light of the sunset makes everything look even more special.

So if you are looking for a good place to eat in Falasarna, the destination you are looking for is “Alikia”.
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